7-Step Process to Redesign Your Website

Salt Pixels |  7-Step Process to Redesign Your Website Salt Pixels |  7-Step Process to Redesign Your Website

The internet revolution has changed the way businesses are interacting with customers. Marketing strategies are now being designed by incorporating IOT elements. The current pandemic has further pushed the companies to increase their online presence to expand their customer base. 

Thus, having an excellent website has become a necessity. The 21st-century internet users don’t care about intrinsic details. They are looking for a seamless user experience in operating the website.

An excellent first impression creates a long-lasting customer relationship for any business. Thus, if your website fails to deliver on visualization, aesthetics, and customer experience, it’s time to think about getting it redesigned.

There can be plenty of reasons why your website needs redesigning or tweaking. A lot of corporate website design companies in Ahmedabad can help you in this endeavour. But there are certain critical aspects of website redesigning that you must be aware of.

Let’s look at seven essential steps that you shouldn’t miss in this process.

1. Analyze your current website

Before you invest company resources in redesigning the website, you must ensure that it’s being done for the right reasons. You must be aware of the issues that exist in your website from the feedback channels. Take your time to audit your website and list the updates that you want to see. Some questions that will help you in analyzing your website are:

  • Is your website hard to navigate?
  • Is your website unattractive?
  • Are you converting leads on your website?
  • Is the website mobile optimized?

Once this investigation is complete, you will get an idea about the elements that you want to include or exclude from your website. This approach will help you in aligning your business strategies with its vision.

2. Define the redesign goals

While analyzing your website, you will be benchmarking its performance metrics. This will give you a good idea about the metrics that you can improve through the redesign process.

In addition, it is an excellent place to start creating your goals. For example, you can set a goal of increasing the conversion rate by 2% quarterly if the leads are not getting converted on your website.

Creating such specific and strategic plans will keep you focused on making the redesign process a success for your website. Once the redesign is complete, you can even track those KPIs and metrics to quantify the improvements in your website’s performance.

3. Formulate an effective strategy

Once you have a set of well-defined goals, you can move to the next step of building a strategy for achieving those goals. Some strategic steps that you can take are:

4. A new sitemap

During your website’s audit, you will find some pages that no one visited and others that are taking more time to load. While creating a new sitemap, you can delete the old web pages and correct the embedded dead links.

Moreover, you can also add new pages based on the updates and changes that you are making to your product catalog.

5. Keyword research

It is an essential aspect of website redesigning. It helps in optimizing your new website or search and gaining knowledge about what your customers are looking for.

This information can be used to create relevant website content which resonates with your target audience. It will also help your website rank better in search engines.

Each goal that you have created would need a personalized approach to achieve it.

6. Set a timeline

With the strategy in place to accomplish your goals, it’s time to set a realistic timeline to complete it. Making a good website takes time; hence you shouldn’t set short or unrealistic timelines. 

Ensure that your team doesn’t have to rush through the necessary steps. You should plan to spend around 2-4 months on the redesign process. Once you have set timelines, break the tasks into smaller milestones to keep the redesigning process on track.

7. Assess your competition

With a roadmap in place, you can start defining the aesthetics of your website. To get some inspiration, you can do a deep dive of two or three competitor websites. You can also review some websites outside of your industry.

This will give you an overview of industry standards and help you in creating a good website. Finally, create a mood board for your team by incorporating all these visual elements and styles. You can hire some of the best website design companies in Ahmedabad in creating a mood board.

8. Create good content

One of the most challenging parts of website redesigning is content creation. The content that your team creates will be hosted on the website and will act as an information board for your target audience. Inserting content into an existing design causes design revisions and rework.

So, it would be a huge mistake if your team does the redesigning work before creating content. Content should never be an afterthought. Instead, it should dictate the layout of web pages.

Have a review of your website’s sitemap to understand the pages that need a content update. Design a content-first approach and then start redesigning these pages.

7. Initiate the designing process

Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above, you can start executing the redesigning process. While your team is working on the redesign process, ensure that you are getting constant feedback. 

This feedback will help you in pivoting from unproductive tasks during redesigning. You can also create wireframes while redesigning. These will help you in optimizing the content for your webpage both quantitatively and aesthetically. 

You will save a lot of time and rework by using this tool.

The Bottom Line

It’s not always easy to follow the book, especially when you need to get the updates done faster. The success of your redesigning process will depend on the amount of time and resources you can dedicate to planning, preparation, and execution. 

Hiring some of the best website development companies in Ahmedabad will get you faster to your goals. Ensure that you communicate all your requirements explicitly to avoid delays and re-modifications.